Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Windowfarms- hydroponic herbs in winter?!

Thought about growing vegetables and herbs in your apartment during the winter but wasn't sure where to start? Windowfarms, a vertical, hydroponic garden for your window, may be a good place to begin.

Windowfarms have been tested and developed by people around the world who have tried to build their own and have shared their experience with others online. These hydroponic farms depend on your climate-controlled apartment to yield vegetables all year long for a minimal cost. 

I want to build one right now. Imagine, fresh basil, cilantro, lettuce, and tomatoes growing in your window without any soil and without having to remember to water them every day. Or, how about being able to grow fresh herbs for your favorite herbal remedies right in your window?

Right now, you can find directions on how to build two different versions of a Windowfarm on their website. You can also choose to purchase three different sizes if you feel you do not have the time or skills, although they seem relatively easy to figure out with help from a friend. 
Also, you can join the online community who is there not only to help, but is also there so that you can share anything you've learned through the process of building your own farm. This helps the community as a whole make improvements with each new discovery. I love that the project is propelled by any and everyone who builds or uses a Windowfarm. It's pretty awesome!

If you are a brave soul like myself who would like to join in a group dedicated to helping each other build their own Windowfarms, I'd be interested in heading a group in Chicago. Just message me with an email address and I'll be in contact!

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