North Chicago Composting Club

Like my two-level worm composting condo? Come to class and learn how to make your own!

About the North Chicago Composting Group:

Hello worm composting enthusiasts! I am starting a worm composting club where anyone can learn how to begin their own worm composting bin, connect with others who compost, and spread the love of worm composting on the north side of Chicago.

I am currently partnering with True Nature Foods of Edgewater and Windy City Worms of Humboldt Park to supply worms for starter worm bins and provide space for class. I may also add classes at Urban Orchard in Andersonville.

First Meeting:

The first meeting with be held at True Nature Foods at 6034 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660 on Aug. 28th at 6-7:30 pm. Sign up for class below! Register before Aug. 21st if purchasing a starter bin as they are made to order.

When signing up, you have the option of purchasing a starter worm bin. You can also sign up just for class if you already have a bin or want to build your own.

Contact me at if you are interested in attending classes or have questions. If you currently compost but would like to become involved as a mentor to those who are just beginning to compost, please contact me for volunteer opportunities.

Class and Worm Bin Options:

BINS ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE- I am traveling beginning Sept. 4th and will no longer be located in Chicago.  

Just Class: $15.00
Class will be held Aug. 28th at 6-7:30 at True Nature Foods. Only 15 spots are available so purchase ahead of time to guarantee your spot! 

Small Starter Bin: $25.00- NOT AVAILABLE

I now have the option of purchasing a starter bin available for pick-up in the Chicago Edgewater area. Choose the "Just a Bin" option to purchase a starter bin for $25. Your bin will contain 1/4 pound of worms to start you off, which will allow you to compost about 1/8 a pound a day. It's a much smaller bin than the one pictured (I'll have a photo up of a starter bin soon!) Don't worry that it's small, your worms will multiply quickly so you'll be composting more garbage after a few months. When the population of your worms grows too large for your starter bin, it will be time to upgrade to a bin that is the size of the one pictured above.


Worm Bin & Class Options

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