Saturday, July 21, 2012

Natural Moth Repellent on Pinterest

lavender makes a great bug repellent!

I've been working on a collection of ideas for natural, herbal moth repellents on Pinterest. Check it out here!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sciece Supports Health Benefits of "Mindfulness-Based Practices"

Yoga meditation pose at "The Bean" in Chicago

According to, there is new evidence that supports the health benefits of mindfulness-based practices like Zen meditation for those with health problems. This scientific review focused on Zen meditation, yoga, Buddhist stress reduction techniques, and cognitive therapy as practices that helped many issues, particularly those suffering from depression and chronic pain.

Of course, the study reminds people that these practices should be used in conjunction with conventional treatments. I agree that one suffering from mental health issues or chronic pain should not entirely rely on mindfulness practice, but I also think that the study did not give those who truly practice mindfulness to its greatest extent enough credit for the benefits that can be had from this practice. Of course, practicing mindfulness, in whichever way you choose, requires a change of our conventional lifestyles in the United States, in its pace, structure, and consumerist nature.

Have any of you found that mindfulness practice, whether it was yoga, meditation, breathing practice, Alexander technique, or other practice, has helped with mental or physical health? Why would you choose or not choose to use these practices to treat ailments?

I'm curious to hear about other people's experiences. For me, yoga and breathing techniques that can be used at work often help me to cope with stress which can reduce the onset of chronic headaches, along with drinking water and chiropractic adjustments. I believe that more research should be done to continue looking into the benefits of mindfulness for those who suffer from depression and chronic pain.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Want to be up to date on herbs? Try the Herb Research Foundation!

Occasionally, I like to look up the most recent research in the herbal spectrum. When I do, I often turn to the Herb Research Foundation website.  I'll always find the most up-to-date info about herbs, supplements, and other natural products on their website. Also, I like a more scientific approach to my natural medicine, and this site caters well to this. Much of the research and articles have studies backing their claims, which is great information to use when talking to others about the benefits of herbs and supplements.

The Herb Research Foundation was founded in 1983 by Robert S. McCaleb, who is a leading authority in the U.S. on scientific and regulatory issues regarding herbs. According to their website, their mission is " foster improved world health and well being through the informed use of herbs..."

Here is a sample of some of the articles they offer, to give an idea!

Three Concentrations of St. John's Wort Effective Against Depression

IL Senator Proposes Tougher Regulation on Supplements

In particular interest, I recently found a post about the proposed benefits of kombucha. Here's an article that supports the thought that it is beneficial, although there has been recent backlash against kombucha in mainstream media- Indications That Kombucha is Beneficial Against Liver Disease.

If you are curious about a particular herb or remedy and want to see the latest research, check the Herb Research Foundation's website! You might find just what you need.