Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet the Northside Chicago Composting Club!

Sorry if I grossed you out there, but these are my red wrigglers. They're family and I love them, so I thought I'd share a family photo.

I'm starting a new vermi-composting club on the Northside of Chicago. In order to include everyone, I'm calling it a composting club, just in case you have a simple composting bin. However, in urban areas I've found that vermi-composting is the way to go for year-round, urban composting.

Oh by the way, vermicomposting is worm composting, if you didn't guess. It's the fancy word for it.

You may have read my other posts about vermicomposting from previous blogs. You can find my previous posts here and here. One is my very beginnings of composting, and the other is what I learned a year later.

If you want to learn more about my club, contact me or check out my new page on this blog. I'm excited to get started!

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