Friday, December 28, 2012

Eating Grain with Chopsticks

Chopstick in your lunch box can turn a quick break into a zen moment when you try to eat your quinoa with them. I am a fast water, and fine it hard to slow down. According to my mentor, this can slow down the function of your kidneys and put out the "fire" in your center furnace that helps you to digest your food.

So, I eat my quinoa with chopsticks to remind myself to keep the fire burning.

Try it yourself- rice, quinoa, barley, even your oatmeal. Try eating your salad with chopsticks. How about your entire meal with chopsticks? Add some pepping or ginger tea and say thanks to your digestion system for its hard work.


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  2. Learning to use chopsticks can be frustrating and sometimes messy. Fortunately, it's easy to eat rice with chopsticks if you know how. Buy an inexpensive pair of personalized chopsticks and practice a little at home before you go out to eat.