Wednesday, July 13, 2011

finding references

Ok, I admit I just really liked this picture, so I included it into this post. If only I had a kitchen like that!

I'm searching for good references on the web for herbal medicine. So far, I've discovered a few that I might consider using, but I'll take any suggestions!

Herb Research Foundation News- gives information on new herbal research and offers opinions on them.

University of Michigan Native American Ethnobotany- this website is a search engine that allows you to search for natural remedies and plants native to North America and used by Native Americans. I find this to be very interesting and will use this site to help me search for certain remedies in order to broaden my education.

artist unknown

*A Modern Herbal*- This is already my favorite site of referencing herbal medicine. It was published by Mrs. M. Grieve in 1931 and contains references to over 800 plants.

Green Pharmacy- Create by Dr. Jim Duke, this site includes many up-to-date studies on commonly used herbs and remedies. I may just use it to begin learning the Latin names of all of these plants, as they are listed by their Latin names and not their common ones.... I am imagining many hours of random clicking on this website, but it is so comprehensive I can't not recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed the artwork! Sorry I couldn't find artists for all of them, I tried but there weren't many good links. And let me know if you find any other great references, or books!

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